Thursday, January 25, 2007

More Christmas, because I like it.

My rockin' sister, Emily, sent me the Christmas pictures she had from her digital camera, so I'd like to share. Every year, we go over to my Aunt Nina's house for Christmas Eve to celebrate with my mom's side of the family. I have a very knitterly family. Did you know that? Here's the evidence:

That's my Aunt Nina on the left, modeling the fair isle sweater she just finished, my mom (who knits a lot but wasn't showing off that day), and my Aunt Laura on the right, modeling her fabulous yellow sweater she knit for a Christmas party she was going to. FABULOUS!! Here's my Aunt 9 in action:

You can't really tell it here, but she knits...FAST. Almost too fast. It's quite amazing.

Also, there were a lot of babies:

Aunt Laura is holding ZaeAnna, my cousin, Brenda's youngest, and her other two, Alex, and X'Zavier are playing on the floor. My cousin, Adam, is holding Wyatt (and Jessie and Brenda are hanging on the floor). Baby-tastic.

I messed with Wyatt for a while:

I don't like to hold babies that often (I'm afraid I'll break them or worse), but I couldn't resist.

On Christmas day, we had my dad's side of the family over at our house. My cousin Valerie just had a baby's my mom holding Kaelyn Paige (and me sitting behind her holding a pop):

So cute. Good times were had by all.

My cousin Natalie and her boyfriend Ryan were there. They're too pretty:

Emily also snapped some more pictures of Fluffy with my mom (I can't resist posting them all):

That's all for now. Maybe one day, I'll have a digital camera again, and I can, say, post pictures of knitted socks.

Thank you for enjoying this post,

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