Monday, November 19, 2007

Do not let this happen to you.

What's that? Oh, just the current total - 24 single socks. I know I'm usually going around saying "Oh, we don't talk about numbers," but I just had to share. I guess some might find this shameful, but I feel no shame. Here's another shot:

I guess if I had some advice to give to a new sock knitter, I'd just tell them not to let this happen to them. I mean, really. The fact that I still "have" to knit 24 more of these seems kinds of daunting. Oh, well.

Moving on.

I finished the sKNITches toe-ups!

I love these socks.

That's about all the news I have for now - I'm coming back to work today after being on vacation last week. My vacation was awesome. I didn't go anywhere, and all I did was hang out with Jacob. We had a very good time, and it was very relaxing. But, trust me...I still did my chores:

(socks laying out to dry)

Hahahhahahah, I make myself laugh. Happy Monday, everybody.



Friday, November 09, 2007


This weekend, I plan to gather all the singles and give you an updated total and picture. I think we've got over 20 now, people.

Oh, boy...

1.75 FOs!!

I'm so excited. I just finished more socks:

I actually really like these. They're just some simple top-downs made with some sock yarn I scored from this shop. I'm not sure if the seller is selling through etsy anymore, or not, though. Regardless, here are some more pictures:

Of course, once these were off the needles, I immediately cast on for some more:

These are just some simple toe-ups I'm making with sKNITches Syncopation in "Blue Lagoon". This is VERY nice yarn. Highly recommended.

And, finally, I started just one more pair (again, toe-up):

The yarn here is Prism Saki in "Mojave" that I got from the Haus of Yarn. The dye job on this yarn is very unique...check it out!

That's about all I've got for now. I've made a bunch of stash enhancements lately, but you can check those out on Ravelry. But, just so you know, I may be making a slight deviation from sock knitting to make some toys for some tots I know for Christmas - I got this book last night:

Seriously, this book is amazing. I can now make a warthog if I wanted to.