Monday, September 24, 2007

Finished Objects!!

I'm long overdue for a post...sorry everybody! I don't really know what's been wrong with me lately. There have been many nights when I've just come home from work and then proceeded to fall asleep at around 7:00 p.m.. Not good. Needless to say the knitting has suffered, along with many other things (like the litter box), but I have managed to finish two pairs of socks! Check 'em out:

These are the Bubble Wrap socks from Sockbug, knit using Mountain Colors Bearfoot in "Bitteroot Rainbow" that I purchased from the Haus of Yarn. Here's the full monty:

Next up, I finished a pair of Leah's Sweater Socks:

And one more shot:

These were knit with some Koigu KPPPM, once again, purchased at the Haus of Yarn. I had to use three skeins, but I think these are magnificent and worth every penny. I also highly recommend the pattern. I modified the heel (standard Sensational Knitted Socks heel vs. the Eye of the Partridge the pattern called for), but other than that kept it the same. They fit very nicely, and are very comfy! Yay, socks!

So, in celebration of finishing TWO projects, I went ahead and cast on for another:

This is the start of the Wollmeise Socks - except I'm not using Wollmeise (I haven't scored any of that yet). The yarn I'm using has been calling to me since I bought it. It is heavenly, and I can't recommend it enough!! I'm going toe-up instead of cuff down, hoping that I can use up every heavenly bit of this stuff.

In other news, I uploaded the rest of my socks projects to Ravelry. I have a bunch of older sweater projects and sweater-type yarns to upload, but all of my sock stuff is now represented.

We also have a bit of stash enhancement. Just a bit - that's all. I got these lovelies from Simply Socks Yarn Company. I couldn't resist:

That's sKNITches Syncopation in "Lagoon"...

...and Dream in Color Smooshy Sock Yarn in "Wisterious". Oh, delish.

And, lastly, Jake had a birthday a couple weeks ago, and I "surprised" him with a small gathering. My friend Brooke made the cake (check out the pics on her page - you won't be disappointed). She also made mine in January. Seriously, though, check this thing out:

The cake and the party were big hits!


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Holy Moly. Or something.

Well, after I came home from Meetup, I finished putting the rest of my stash up on Ravelry. In reality, it didn't take that long. Looking at the entire list would make me hurl, if I didn't love it so much.

In other news, I got new shoes:

I like them very much. They're great for showing off the handknit socks. Don't you think?


Friday, September 07, 2007

Well, well, well.

The house is up for sale. Check out our listing. I'm a little bittersweet about it, to tell you the truth. I truly have enjoyed living in the house. If you want to see what the "before" looks like, check out Jake's blog. He's done such an awesome job.

Also, a buddy of mine passed along this article. Interesting - although I hate being filed into a trend. "It's sweeping the nation!" Oh, bite me.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Chucks, for knitters?

I was out shopping this weekend and came across a pair of these.

Right after I got out of college, I realized I had like 18 different pairs of Chucks in almost every color of the rainbow. Needless to say, I've since gotten rid of most all of them. Perhaps it's time to add just one more pair to the repertoire?


I' m now on Ravelry, everybody. My username is putasockonit. Add me! I was uploading my projects today at lunch, and have come up with the following stats:

1. I have taken pictures of 10 finished pairs of socks (20 singles) - I'm have many more unphotographed pairs completed, though.

2. I have taken pictures of 28 socks in progress. And there's a bunch more I need to take pictures of.

3. Of those 28, 17 are plain, top-down stockinette socks. Mreh.

4. 1 is plain stockinette, toe-up.

5. 1 is toe-up with a stitch pattern.

6. 7 are top-down with a stitch pattern.

7. Only 4 will have short row heels.

8. I'm only knitting 1 with an usual construction (Sideways Socks from Opal).

I don't particularly like these "stats". I definitely need to start knitting more challenging socks.

Monday, September 03, 2007

What a weekend.

I had a pretty sweet weekend. Admittedly, I didn't do a whole hell of a lot, but it turns out that that was exactly what I needed. I finished a PAIR of socks! Check 'em out (please excuse the whitest legs on earth):

For details about the pattern and the yarn, see the post below. I adore these socks. I realize these are only a simple lace pattern, but I am so proud of myself (and my attention span) for knitting something more challenging than plain stockinette. Normally, I start a lacy sock, and then bail after the first day. After I finished these, I was good and started on the second one of these:

I'm to the heel of the second one. Hopefully, I'll have another pair done by the end of this week. You'd be amazed at how fast you can knit a pair when you have one already done. Heh, heh. Finishitis? Oh, heck YES! The yarn is Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Bitteroot Rainbow (I think). The pattern is Bubble Wrap Socks from Sock Bug.

In other news, I broke the purse I had been carrying - well, technically, I probably could have fixed it, but you know, who needs an excuse to buy a new purse? I went ahead and got a new one:

Why is this worth mentioning on my knitting blog? Because it's two-sided:

See? That's a sock-in-progress on one side:

This is exciting (for me), 'cause now I only need to carry one bag, and can stop looking like a geniune bag lady. We also had the fortune (and NOT misfortune, JAKE) of finding a cat and her litter of kittens nesting next to our tiki hut:

There are two orange tabbies, and two gray tabbies. My favorite is this guy in the front with the soft white belly. I'm not sure if it's soft or not 'cause I haven't really touched them (yet) for fear that they may have some disease that I'd hate to pass on to any of the two cats I already own. We're not really sure how long they've been there. For all we know, they could have been born next to the tiki hut, and we're just now discovering them. Anyway, I have been begging Jake all weekend to let us keep one - specifically this guy in the front (we shall call him Boots, short for "Mr. [or Mrs.] Fancyboots). This is unfortunate timing, considering the fact that we're about to sell the house, but love doesn't ever consider schedules. Hahha. Seriously, though, they've been so much fun to watch. Here's one more:

Since we'll likely be showing the house next week, we're going to have to figure out what to do with at least three of them - we were hoping that Love at First Sight took strays, but they don't. So, we're hoping the Humane Society has room for them.

That's about all I've got for now - perhaps I'll see you on Tuesday or at the Sock Knit-a-Long on Thursday?