Friday, January 19, 2007

Catching up.

I don't really have a digital camera right now, which would be unfortunate for any blogger, but right now I'm really feeling the loss. Fortunately enough for me, my mom has a digital camera, and I was able to snap a few pictures using hers, including a few of my favorite Christmas present, Fluffy L. Jackson (like Samuel L. Jackson, except a cat):

Jake surprised me and took me to Love at First Sight, which is actually where I got my other cat, Nona, and he let me pick out any kitten I wanted. Of course, I had been begging him to agree to getting a second cat for at least six months, but whatever. Anyway, Fluffy was certainly the cutest one in there, and I couldn't resist. He is one of he sweetest, most friendly kittens I've ever seen, which is marvelous, since Nona, as many of you well know, is kind of a bitch. Here's the Fluff lounging with my dad:

Also, Christmas was pretty much totally awesome this year. I think everyone may have gone slightly overboard, what do you think?:

I got many, many other wonderful knitting-related gifts from my parents and Jake, as well, including one of these:

And one of these in brown/light blue:

And some of these in size small:

Needless to say, I had to exchange them for a size large for my size 11 socks...that was very flattering Jacob, but f'reals. ;)

So, Christmas was some good times. After going to Cleveland, I spent a few days in Fort Wayne with Jake and his family, which was also fun. I got to see where he grew up, and got to meet some of his friends from home.

Thank you for enjoying this post,

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