Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Voluntary Product Endorsements - Round 1

A long time ago, in a land far, far away (Murfreesboro, TN, to be specific) I used to update a livejournal. Periodically, I would endorse new products I found to be particularly fabulous. I now feel a need to bring this practice into light once more. Let us begin.

1. Uncrustables.

Sure, they look a little odd, and you can find them in the frozen foods section which might seem disgusting because it's a "sandwich" made from soft bread, but I'm telling you, they are divine. I can't get enough.

2. Diet Pepsi Jazz Caramel Creme.

I'm not keen on the marketing of this product ("Jazz"? That's just corny), but holyshit, it is good. I'd put it right up there with Diet Dr. Pepper. Let's just hope it doesn't fade away like Crystal Pepsi.

3. Sanford uni-ball Signo bit 0.7.

This pen is smooooooooooth. Unfortunately, for my job, I pretty much need to have them in blue, but all of the office supply stores I've been to only sell them in tri-color 3-packs (one blue, black, and red), or 3-packs of black ink. Grr. I must find them on the Internets.

4. Garnier Fructis Sleek 'n Shine Sheer.

I have really fine hair. "Fine", as in thin, people. At the risk of sounding like a hair commercial, this shampoo makes my hair feel sleek, without weighing it down. It is worth all three dollars. Trust me.

5. Taco Bell's 7-layer crunchwrap supreme.

There is always a time and place for Taco Bell. This thing is just as good as their mexican pizza. Mmmm. I think, between the two of us, Jake and I have eaten 10 of these during the past week.

6. Gold Bond Foot Powder.

Lastly, this product and I have won a battle that has been ongoing since...well, nevermind. Too much information, I suppose. Just trust me on this one. Again, this product is worth all five dollars you'd have to spend to get some of it.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Sock knit-a-long!

Check it out! This is such a great idea, and I'm really looking forward to it. Starting June 7th, the Haus of Yarn in Nashville will be hosting a sock knit-a-long, meeting the first Thursday of every month. The cost is $5/session, and they'll give you a $5 gift certificate that is redeemable anytime during each month.

Um, really, how can I NOT do this? Really, there is no cost involved, since the Haus is my absolute favorite yarn shop ever. I go in there at least once a month anyway to shop and end up spending a sizable amount of cash. I'm also looking forward to getting a few pointers from Leah...I would love to know how she picks up the two stitches as the end of the gusset, as to not leave a hole (I do this differently, and probably not correctly every time), and I've heard she also has some great ways to avoid the inevitable weirdess people usually get while executing the kitchener stitch.

Please join me!!! I'm going to call and pre-register today! :)


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I just realized...

...I broke every cardinal rule of fashion yesterday. I wore a brown, leather belt with black, leather shoes and carried a white, leather purse. I have problems. I didn't realize that until I came home last night. Whoops. I doubt anyone even noticed, though.

Also, I'd really like to know how one becomes a cast member on VH-1's Celebrity Fit Club. I mean, is there a talent person at VH-1 assigned the job of booking the show? If so, is that person really on the phone all day with managers and talent agents of the random has-beens saying things like, "Well, we've noticed that Screech has really been packin' it on lately...do you think he might want to be on TV again?" I just can't imagine that this would go over well. Or, are these managers beating down the door at VH-1 trying to get these freaks in the limelight again? I'm just wondering.