Monday, August 06, 2007

Perhaps my luck is changing.

Everyone always says this, but I never win anything. Truly. Not a winner of things over here, people. But I feel that, perhaps, my luck may be changing.

First, I won my first ever blog contest. YIPPEE!!! I love Katie's yarns! Hand-dyed AND self-striping? Bring it! So exciting.

Secondly, I was shopping at the Shoe Carnival on Saturday, and won me a little trivia contest. Oh, yes. The question? Name three Arnold Schwarzenegger comedies. You better believe I got to spin the wheel. My answers? "Kindergarten Cop", "Jingle All The Way", and "Junior". I blame Coney for this. Honestly. Like I know anything about Arnold. Here is my prize.

Yeah, so it's only a dollar off, but who cares??! I won!!

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