Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Delivery, on that other promise

A long time ago, back when I went on that yarn diet, I promised I would show you pictures of the stash, just so you would understand why the whole yarn diet was so necessary. Well, it's time I delivered, even though I went and quit the yarn diet. Here's the whole enchilada:

That's just the unused stash - please note that there are 3 full bags of socks in progress, and a couple of other baskets that are holding half-finished sweaters. And yes, that is my garden gnome collection on top.

The top two rows are all sock yarn:

Now, I will show you my favorite cubes (this feels very dorky, but I love looking at this mess and figured you might, too). Here are the blues:

And the reds - a bit blurry, I know:

Oranges and peaches:

The pinks:

The yellows and greens:

And the multis - or, those that really didn't fit into any other cube:

So, anyways. I guess a smarter person would have stayed on the diet.



Jeannie said...

That stash doesn't look out of hand yet--you can still knit all of that in your lifetime. ;-) I like the way you have your yarn arranged by color and out where you can see it. I could never do that because of where I live. I live in the woods and most likely share my home with creepy crawlies that I don't want to think about.

Betty said...

I don't think that's too bad actually. It's pretty to look at!

Kim U said...

That's not too bad - and it's nicely organized!

Leah said...

Methinks you have not totally revealed! I don't see any of the sock yarn you bought last Saturday in that stash. Hmm. Wassup with that? That is the bad thing with being friends with someone that works where you shop. Ha. If you are really interested in that RDLP, I think it would help if I could come look in person to make a choice of trade.

Katie said...

My stash is just as bad. Your's is way more organized than mine. Wait til you get on ravelry. Then you can see how big the stash really is. :)