Monday, August 06, 2007

My weekend and Toe Up!

I had a lovely weekend. Jake's cousin, Mike, was in town, so they spent some time together playing video games and landscaping, while I taught myself how to knit socks toe up. Check it out:

It's realize that it's kind of crazy that I've been knitting socks for so long and just got around to learning this little trick (being that I have a size 11 foot), but now that I've got the hang of it, I see many more of these in my future. The toe is a little weird, but so are you. Only kidding. But honestly, I'm going to say that I did a pretty decent job for this being my first foray, if you will. Here's another shot (notice the new issue of Interweave):

It wasn't too terrible, really, once I figured out how to execute Judy's Magic Cast-on, although I will say it doesn't look too much like a sock unless I'm wearing it. The yarn is Mama Lama self-striping in the Berkley colorway, purchased at the most excellent Wool Girl. The yarn is amazing, and really, so is Wool Girl. Love it!!

I also got a chance to eat some wonderful roma tomatoes I grew myself:

Well, to be fair, Jake grew them, but holy tomatoes, they were delicious.

And, finally, since I went and joined the Knitting Crazy Cat Ladies web ring, here is a picture of my crazy cat, Nona (don't get too close - she bites):

One last thing - the Nashville Knitting Meetup crew will have their very first yarn swap tomorrow night at the Stillwaters Cafe. I can't wait!

Happy Monday,


Molly Jane said...

So yeah, where's my socks honky! Dang thats a lot of yarn! Really, a whole room? Ok.

Bronwyn said...

I want to rub that velvety kitten paw... :) Sleepy cats are so cute!