Monday, September 24, 2007

Finished Objects!!

I'm long overdue for a post...sorry everybody! I don't really know what's been wrong with me lately. There have been many nights when I've just come home from work and then proceeded to fall asleep at around 7:00 p.m.. Not good. Needless to say the knitting has suffered, along with many other things (like the litter box), but I have managed to finish two pairs of socks! Check 'em out:

These are the Bubble Wrap socks from Sockbug, knit using Mountain Colors Bearfoot in "Bitteroot Rainbow" that I purchased from the Haus of Yarn. Here's the full monty:

Next up, I finished a pair of Leah's Sweater Socks:

And one more shot:

These were knit with some Koigu KPPPM, once again, purchased at the Haus of Yarn. I had to use three skeins, but I think these are magnificent and worth every penny. I also highly recommend the pattern. I modified the heel (standard Sensational Knitted Socks heel vs. the Eye of the Partridge the pattern called for), but other than that kept it the same. They fit very nicely, and are very comfy! Yay, socks!

So, in celebration of finishing TWO projects, I went ahead and cast on for another:

This is the start of the Wollmeise Socks - except I'm not using Wollmeise (I haven't scored any of that yet). The yarn I'm using has been calling to me since I bought it. It is heavenly, and I can't recommend it enough!! I'm going toe-up instead of cuff down, hoping that I can use up every heavenly bit of this stuff.

In other news, I uploaded the rest of my socks projects to Ravelry. I have a bunch of older sweater projects and sweater-type yarns to upload, but all of my sock stuff is now represented.

We also have a bit of stash enhancement. Just a bit - that's all. I got these lovelies from Simply Socks Yarn Company. I couldn't resist:

That's sKNITches Syncopation in "Lagoon"...

...and Dream in Color Smooshy Sock Yarn in "Wisterious". Oh, delish.

And, lastly, Jake had a birthday a couple weeks ago, and I "surprised" him with a small gathering. My friend Brooke made the cake (check out the pics on her page - you won't be disappointed). She also made mine in January. Seriously, though, check this thing out:

The cake and the party were big hits!



Jeannie said...

Very nice finished socks! I like the colors in all of them. That Bubble Wrap pattern looks cool. I'll have to check that out. Those are great looking cakes!

I'm impressed that you loaded up your older projects into Ravelry. I just did this year and some of my favorites from last year. I'm too lazy to upload pics of the older stuff. ;-)

Leah said...

Hey now, that heel was published WAY before Sensational Socks (smile).

Great socks and the cake is awesome. I wish I had known, I would've wished Jake a belated birthday last night when you were in the store.

turtlegirl76 said...

I love those sweater socks! The sockbug ones are great too but those sweater socks are talkin' to me. THey look so cozy!

Lisa said...

The Sweater Socks are gorgeous. I love knitting with Koigu, just haven't actually done socks in it yet. I may have to add those socks to my queue.

The Steph said...

I love those socks! :) Excellent work!

Mom tells me she went to Nashville for Tuesday knitting yesterday! I'm so jealous. :( Until another day...