Thursday, February 08, 2007

My birthday.

I had an absolutely fabulous birthday. It was possibly the best one I've ever had, to tell you the truth. Jake planned a dinner for me at the Gerst Haus, and it was just fantastic. From start to finish. Oh, yes, there was plenty of sausage eating, don't you worry:

That's my friend, Brooke, who made me the best birthday cake I'd ever had:

I mean, really! Take a look at this thing!! Just awesome. The yarn ball is made of rice krispie treats and covered in delicious yarn frosting. Of course, this was as close as I'd ever get to eating yarn (oh, the joy), so I had to dive in:

The needles weren't as tasty, but I ate them anyway:

Good Lord, what was up with that eye makeup? Never again. Anyway, Jake ate some of the yarn ball, too, and then sat there with it in his mustache for a while:

He slow danced with me to the polka music after pretty much everyone had left, though, so he's still #1 in my book.

Thank you for enjoying this post,


kaye said...

Wow you really are a knitting nut. I really liked your blog about the fat lips. And I like fluffy too.

Laurie P said...

Happy Birthday, Erin!!!
Wow, what a great friend! That cake is awesome! :D

Molly Jane said...

I put my birthday on the wrong post! Ah! Happy Birthday Honky! Boy we're getting old...aren't we?
Here's to another great year!

That is the most awesome cake ever! Do you think they make one with a crochet theme?
Love ya!