Tuesday, September 04, 2007


I' m now on Ravelry, everybody. My username is putasockonit. Add me! I was uploading my projects today at lunch, and have come up with the following stats:

1. I have taken pictures of 10 finished pairs of socks (20 singles) - I'm have many more unphotographed pairs completed, though.

2. I have taken pictures of 28 socks in progress. And there's a bunch more I need to take pictures of.

3. Of those 28, 17 are plain, top-down stockinette socks. Mreh.

4. 1 is plain stockinette, toe-up.

5. 1 is toe-up with a stitch pattern.

6. 7 are top-down with a stitch pattern.

7. Only 4 will have short row heels.

8. I'm only knitting 1 with an usual construction (Sideways Socks from Opal).

I don't particularly like these "stats". I definitely need to start knitting more challenging socks.

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