Friday, August 08, 2008

So far behind!

Well, everyone, it seems that I've neglected this blog - I mean, I haven't done it on purpose, exactly. It just happened. Maybe it's because it's now my job to update this blog (click to see a ridiculous picture of ME modeling a sweater).

Regardless, there's just TOO much to update, so I'll be choosy. I've been knitting a lot. And spinning a lot. I have start-itis. In a big way. Anyways. Here's a shot of my new knitting room in the house. Wait. Did I tell you that Jake and I moved into a new house in June? I probably didn't. You should probably see a shot of that first:

I am absolutely in love with this place. It's exactly what I wanted - a funky ranch on the east side of town. Of course, Jake and his gigantic Dodge Ram have done a little bit of landscaping since this shot was taken:

So, now I have a proper knitting room:

Good grief. That is a lot of yarn.

Also, since our house has a decently-sized backyard, I now can grow tomatoes:

That's been a lot of fun. My little sister also got married this summer:

It was a really, really fun and beautiful wedding.

I've also taken up crochet:

Yep, that's my first finished crochet project. Details on Ravelry, of course.

I've been on a cowl kick lately, and have many more single socks to time. :)



Stacey said...

I love all the gnomes in your knitting room! I love gnomes :)

Dawn said...

Wow! What a knitting room! I'm totally jealous! Your new house is beautiful too! Congrats! :)