Monday, April 07, 2008

Knitting. And spinning. And cats.

I've been very busy lately!! First up, I finished a sock:

You know it's a single. Now, moving on...the pattern I used is Groovy Socks from SockPixie. I highly recommend it! There's one lacy pattern row, and then one plain knit row. It's very easy to remember, and has lots of stretch. I used Colinette Jitterbug in the new Oyster Blush colorway. I love me some Jitterbug. I also love the new sock blocker I got from Knitting Notions:

Hello, gorgeous, no??! I may need one more. ;)

I've also been spinning some more, and have been getting a lot better:

Here's one more shot:

I used hand dyed merino roving from All Spun Up (Leah - click it. I dare you.). This was very easy to spin, and I'm sure I'll be purchasing more lovelies from Kristin. I'm going to attempt knitting socks on size 3s with this (or maybe size 4s), as I think most of it is sport or heavy fingering weight. I'm sure I could figure this out with a WPI tool, but I don't have one of those (yet).

It's a good thing I'm getting better at this whole spinning thing, since I was just gifted some of this:

Isn't it beautiful??!! That's superwash wool from Daily Fibers, hand dyed and gifted to me from blogless Jan and Leah - AND IT'S MY OWN COLORWAY! Yep - the "Erin" colorway. And honestly, it's the colors I would have picked for my own colorway, too. I adore it. After I spin one more batch, I'll be spinning this right up. I want to wait until I'm just a bit better. ;)

Also, the shop has got me making another sweater. I am loving knitting it!!! I might have crossed over back to the dark side of knitting other things besides socks. Oh, well. It was fun while it lasted. HA. I'm knitting a simple t-shirt from a Sirdar book using the new Noro Matsuri:

The yarn is mostly cotton, with a tiny bit of wool in it, and the colors RULE. Once again, highly recommended.

That's about all I've got for now, except for this adorable sight:

That's Jake entertaining Fluffy with my new laptop (!!). This is pretty much a nightly occurrence.



turtlegirl76 said...

Oooh the Matsuri is knitting up beautifully! And your handspun is gorgeous!

Leah said...

Ooh, pretty roving, er yarn. On the Erin roving, I think it is 64s Merino which means you can wear it next to your skin. I don't think it is superwash...Jan just put her label on it as it gave it a professional touch.

So just who's new laptop is it? Is it the little one that fits in that flat envelope they advertise during commercials on American Idol?

Love the oyster blush sock too. Now, I am off to click that blasted link....

Senora Fuerte said...

Oh man! I love the cat looking at the computer all interested!!! Your spinning looks very very nice... tried knitting with it yet?

senor fuerte said...

Hey, Erin. I replied to your comment on my wife's blog, but in case you missed it: I think I've licensed some music from you before. Do you/did you work for Songwriters Guild?

Erin said...

Your cat is too cute! Great spinning job too!