Thursday, January 31, 2008

Many things to show you.

How about a FO to start with?:

Those are some finished Primavera socks. I can't recommend this pattern enough. I pretty much followed it to a "T", except for adding an extra purl stitch to the repeat so that I could have a 72-stitch sock. They fit great, and the Trekking XXL is highly entertaining. I will probably be making more of these.

In other news, I started another pair...and finished another single:

I knit this one using the Stansfield 304 stitch pattern from More Sensational Knitted Socks and some Panda Silk I scored from the new yarn shop in town, Knit Happy. I went toe-up with these so I could have a very long cuff and did increases up the back to accommodate my thick calf. I really like this sock, and the yarn is a dream...I really do think it should cost a lot more than it does. I'm hoping to score some of it in a solid color at the Haus of Yarn (that is if they have been holding out on me like I'm guessing and have been saving some for next month's sock knit-a-long). Here's another picture, because I like you:

I started a pair of Embossed Leaves Socks using some semi-sold red Jitterbug, but I have yet to take pictures. They are fantastic, though, and I can't wait to show you.

In other news, I have taken up spinning, as most of you know. I'm still learning, and don't really know how to ply, but I like it. Here's a picture from a spinning gathering I went to earlier in the month:

I don't remember her name, but here is one of the ladies showing off a shawl she made out of her handspun. Amazing! You can see half of my new Ashford Joy in the corner. Good times.

And finally, I'll leave you with this:

What's that? That's my good-looking boyfriend standing next to my sweet ride and the new vanity plate he installed for me...that's right. It says "I <3 2 Party". Hee, hee, that is so ridiculous.


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Leah said...

What color number is that Trekking??? I would say you will be very glad when you get to sock night as there just may be lots of choices on that Panda Silk to choose from. What's up with that vanity plate, LOL? Love your socks, you have really been busy and you just moved too, I don't know where you find all the time.

I have a new sock class starting this Saturday....should be fun, we will have several new sock knitters soon.