Monday, October 15, 2007

So bad!

...but so good! I couldn't resist. I just got some of this. I can't wait for it to arrive.

In other news, I have 3 new single socks to show you. I hope to take pictures of them tonight. I also went to Cleveland, OH to visit my parents a few weekends ago, and now have 2 yarn shop reviews for you:

Birds of a Feather
- This shop, located in The Shoppes of Olde Avon Village, is one I have made a point to visit, pretty much every time I've gone to visit my parents during the past couple of years. The shop is housed in a very big, old barn, which is very, very cool, in my opinion. The bottom floor of the barn is the quilting floor, and the upstairs is all yarn. I like this shop, but the past few times I've been there, I must say that I can't help but wonder if the focus has shifted much more in favor of quilting. I think the last time I had gone to the shop was sometime in the spring, and it really seemed like the yarn inventory had not changed much. I guess time will tell, but I won't be surprised if this shop starts selling only quilting supplies at some point in the near future.

French Creek Fiber Arts - This shop, located right across the parking lot from Birds of a Feather packed A LOT of punch for such a small space. My mother, my sister, and I all walked out with a purchase, which was more than we could say after our trip to Birds of a Feather that day. I scored a solid blue skein of Cherry Tree Hill Supersock and also a skein of Twinkle Toes from Chameleon Colorworks. This shop had a fine selection of yarns, including Fleece Artist yarns, which I hadn't ever seen for sale at a yarn store. This little shop really is a dream for the fiber enthusiast, as the shop also carries supplies for weaving and spinning. A must visit for sure!


Lisa said...

Such a bummer, I saw Olde Avon and started to think that maybe you were in Avon, CT...minutes from my parents' house...but no, you were talking about OH. So sad, oh well.

Grandma Barb said...

You are an addict!! Just like me!!