Monday, July 30, 2007

Take a peek inside my top drawer.

Well, maybe not my top drawer. Let's just say a lady never lets anyone see her underpanties. Okay, maybe one or two people. Ahem.

Shannon tagged those reading her blog to share a picture of their sock drawers, or the places where the finished socks are stored. So, never one to disappoint, here's where mine are kept (in the second drawer):

And here are a couple peeks inside:

It's somewhat organized - here you see the white socks, and then the dark knee-highs, and then the handknits...

And here are the handknits again, with the colorful store-boughts.

I'm sure this is very interesting...though I would like to point out the fact that you can see a total of 7 pairs in this drawer. Mhmm. Maybe I'm not such a single sock slouch? Let us ponder on that for a moment.

Okay, I still have 20 single socks to knit up. Nevermind.


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