Monday, July 16, 2007

Leah, you are in TROUBLE.

And by "TROUBLE", I mean, you got me this time. Leah so kindly invited me to spin with her on Saturday with a group that, I believe, meets monthly. She painstakingly taught me how to spin, and let me play using her fiber and her Electronic Spinner (I even blew a fuse, but we don't go there). Let's just say I enjoyed it.

*sigh* Just what a need - another hobby!!

So, tell me...does a yarn diet exclude spinning wheels? Does anyone know? I'd really like to have something a lot like this guy.


Betty said...

You should get a wheel. Those portable ones are fantastic. I don't spin at the moment, but you should!

Kim U said...

Personally, I'm avoid all contact with any spinning-related tools to avoid catching whatever spinning compulsion everyone seems to catch the minute they touch a spinning wheel. I'm afraid that now that you've actually done some spinning, you're required to go out and purchase a wheel :)

Leah said...

I have not spun on the Victoria yet. The portability would be nice, but I would question how many ounces a bobbin would take. Hopefully the lady that owned the Victoria will come back so you can give it a test drive. I think you find you are spoiled after spinning on a Majacraft!

Spinning teachs you so much about the properties of yarn. Spinning also gives you a mindless way to relax or to get into the zone while playing with fiber if you aren't exactly in the mood to knit. Knitting and spinning are definitely two crafts that go well together.

We can actually find you a Victoria for around $500.

I have a good site marked for Used Wheels on my blog at I sold an espinner there myself.

I am so glad you like spinning, and am even gladder (ha) that I GOTCHA!