Tuesday, November 07, 2006

In one year...

I haven't done a non-knitting post in a while. I feel it is time. That's right, time for a list. I used to have another journal that has long since been deleted, but I would, from time to time post informative, yet humorous (I thought so, anyway), lists, as my posts. I did one a few months ago, as you can see in the archives, and I'd like to keep the trend alive.

I have been known to say that I don't think I've changed at all since I was a teenager. I think, personality-wise, I really haven't, that much. When I was a freshman at MTSU, I remember going back to my high school English class with a bunch of other kids I had graduated with, to talk about college life with that year's seniors. One of the questions they asked was, "So, does anyone notice anything different about any of your classmates?" and almost immediately, two of my peers said, "I think Erin has matured." At the time, I didn't notice a change, but perhaps it was true. In high school, I was what I would have called a focused, yet laid-back class clown. Or maybe I was just a goof, I don't know. But, looking back, my tone and the way I carried myself had changed, in just less than a year, for sure.

I guess I don't normally notice the changes myself. Maybe they have to be pointed-out to me. I think now, though, I'm definitely noticing how I've changed, within just one year's time. Here are some of the changes I have noticed:

1. I have entered into a wonderful romantic relationship. The changes from this abound in the following ways:

1a. Work is not as much of a priority as it used to be, or in other words, my priorities have shifted.

1b. I now live with a loving, considerate, and wonderful companion (sorry if this is cheesing you out, JC), in a house.

1c. I no longer drive to work (we are carpooling), which is also wonderful.

1d. I have learned that anything that's truly worth it, isn't ever easy.

2. I have owned up to my love of shopping. I make no bones about it. I adore the activity, and I like to spend money.

3. I have found a niche within my hobby, knitting. I am a sock knitter. I find it immensely satifsying and fun.

4. I lost a friend and learned that this isn't always a bad thing. Letting go was bittersweet, but I think it was ultimately the best decision for me.

5. As a follow-up to #4, I have told myself that I will no longer tolerate or maintain relationships with friends that are abusive, friends who harm or attempt to harm relationships with other potential friends, and friends who I just, if I'm honest, do not like. I have no desire and also have no time to deal with that kind of drama.

6. As a follow-up to #5, I find myself being drawn to friends who are severely low-maintenance, and can be counted-on for being this way. With this kind of friend, you always know exactly where you stand. Friends I had previously paid not as much attention to, are now coming to the forefront.

5. I say the phrases, "Buck, BUCK!" and "Wassup?!" more regularly.

6. I find myself really looking forward to family events and holidays.

7. I'm a little more "go with the flow", as it relates to work, but find myself still at the same level of stress. I'm not entirely sure how that's possible, but whatever.

That's all I can think of right now.

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