Thursday, April 12, 2007

Meetup Night

WOW! Tuesday night at Portland Brew was fantastic!!! I'm pretty sure it was the largest group we'd ever had. It was so nice to see Niquie and Jinjifore again!

Luckily for my bad blogger self, several people brought cameras, including Laurie P., who sent me these rockin' shots:

That's me (I swear, I am not that horrid-looking in person), Jennifer, Niquie, and Laura (from left to right)...

(from right to left) That's Mary-Leigh, Kim, Eli, and I'm-hoping-they'll-forgive-me-for-not-remembering-their-names on the end, and the side of Laura's head.

That's Betty, Jessica, Barb, and Catherine (from left to right)...

That's those-two-I-still-can't-remember-their-names-and-I'm-hoping-they-
won't-hate-me, and Eli, showing off the 13 inches of the scarf she knit in 10 minutes.

Eli again, showing off 4 more inches after 10 minutes, and Kim...

And finally, that's Barb, Catherine, and those two nice ladies again.

A good time was had by all! I can't wait for next week. Please join us sometime!

The Knitting Guild meeting is tonight, and I'm hoping to go.



Laurie P said...

The Meetup was SO much fun! I hope if anyone else has photos, they'll send them in. I hope to see you at the Knitting Guild meeting tonight. This will be my first visit. "When the cat's away...." :D

Grandma Barb said...

We did have a great time and I'm glad the group is growing! See you at Guild tonight.